The switch is on.

We’re making the move to a cleaner energy future.

With our eyes on tomorrow, FirstEnergy is making significant changes in the switch to a cleaner energy future — changes that best fit the challenges and demands of our customers today. In fact, we’re now recognized as operating one of the cleanest energy fleets in the nation.

We tirelessly pursue new sources of clean, renewable energy and other opportunities to meet customers’ needs in an environmentally sound way. And one of our top priorities is to minimize the environmental impact of our generating plants and other facilities. As a result, we’ve made significant progress in reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions over the past two decades.

But that’s just the start — learn more about our efforts in environmental stewardship or view our sustainability report.

Chuck Jones FirstEnergy President & CEO

Chuck Jones, President and CEO of FirstEnergy, on the future of energy.

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Check out some of the ways we’re making great strides toward cleaner energy

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The future of energy is changing. Check out what we have to say about it:

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Leave your mark by helping us leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Choose to have your energy powered by renewable energy from wind and hydro. The more customers who commit to wind power, the faster we can increase the supply of renewable energy and further reduce carbon emissions.

For residential customers, please select your electric utility:

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Fuel your business with cleaner, greener energy.

From choosing green energy directly from renewable resources to purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) that support renewable energy technology, there are simple ways to make your carbon footprint smaller.

For commercial customers, learn more about our green energy products.